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Finding Me

A Decade of Darkness

So named, a recent book written by Michelle Knight. She is one of the three girls who were kidnapped and held hostage in Ohio for a decade by a maniacal and evil man. All three girls, now women, were rescued last year. Castro, the kidnapper, hung himself in his cell before his trial. He was psychiatrically evaluated prior to his suicide and was found to be fully competent to stand trial and not mentally ill. No surprise. 

 Michelle Knight narrated the book. It is an intensely detailed and horrifying story of her kidnapping and subsequent hostage experience. After reading her story, I felt compelled to write something in her honor. This disturbing narrative has taught me the true meaning of the phrase “triumph of the human spirit”. 

No matter how damaged we may feel inside, or when we are victimized and seemingly put through unbearable pain, we all have an immense capacity to live through seemingly impossible things, when love is a motivating factor.  

Reading this book, was difficult, and as someone who has vast experience with a range of clients and work environments, I don’t say that often. It puts life in perspective. It pushes one to examine the notion “why are we here” and moves our emotions way beyond our comfort zone. At the end it’s all about Love. Which is the core of everything that truly matters.

I offer my utmost respect and affection for Michelle Knight. She is a true survivor, not a victim, and for me, a teacher.