9 thoughts on “Hope”

  1. I am shocked at how much relates back to simply “anxiety” for me. After multiple diagnoses I am happy to discover that by mainly battling anxiety, most of my other issues disappear. Any thoughts on this?


    1. Anxiety in my opinion can be the most difficult thing to experience. Unless someone has it they don’t get how crippling it can be. I would have to know more about you. Some anxiety is both biological and can be triggered by events, it can be easily treated by an anti depressant ; the right one) and cognitive therapy. What can I answer for you. Be happy to


  2. Hey thanks for the follow I am a fan of psychotherapy a lot of my art work is based from my own pain as well as Freud and Jung. They are some of my greatest artistic influences. I definitely will be checking out your blog and welcome to mine friend!

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