Do One Thing.

The world around us is unraveling. People are unraveling. We don’t feel safe anymore. Protests, senseless mass murders, terrorism, the ongoing turbulence and mistrust of our law enforcement, the increase in gun sales, workplace violence, and corruption in many of our religious
and spiritual communities. And even our places of worship have become targets for deranged and misdirected violence.
Our leaders have become weaker, our economy has become overburdened and our dollar has become worth less and less. Which forces us to work even harder and longer. Will we ever get relief or change?  Or will it only become worse.

Have we been so busy observing mankind loose his mind that we have lost site of our enormous sense of responsibility and power as individuals? The small things that we can do that become ripples into large change? It’s time for us as people, as community members, as employees, as students, as young adults, as families, worshipers, as non believers, and as humankind to create a change. WE are the world. WE are what determines whether we choose anger and isolation from one another or to choose love and kindness in our actions or reactions. Only we can stop the madness. WE are the answer.

I believe in us.
Try this. Do one kind thing today for another person. If everyone would do just one nice thing for another person once a day or even once a week imagine the impact.

To do nothing is to decide to relinquish  control to all of the evil and chaos around us to the haters.
Hold a door open for someone, buy the persons coffee behind you in line, say hello and make eye contact with someone who looks distressed, let that person in your lane when your driving instead of pretending you dont see them. If you see someone standing in the rain, offer them an umbrella. As a nation being kind to another came naturally after 9-1-1 thats just who we are, and no amount of terriorism will ever disrupt the soul of this country.

Love can change everything. Believe it.

6 thoughts on “Do One Thing.”

  1. I make it a point to try and positively impact someone every day. I’m not talking about family members or co-workers, although we all should do that as well. I am talking about strangers. Make small talk. Hold doors. If someone holds a door for you, make sure you let them get in line in front of you. Holding the door shouldn’t make you one more step behind (although, sometimes no deed goes unpunished…)

    Here is an example of what I call a human interaction. I was in line at a grocery store the other day. I overheard the male cashier talking with a female. She said, “have a nice day” as she was leaving. He replied, “I just did.” In my mind, I rolled my eyes, thinking he probably thought that was smooth. I asked how he was doing and he said, “fantastic!” I told him that I rarely hear anyone sound that upbeat, especially at work. He said, “life is too short not to enjoy it.” I then reversed my initial assessment of him. As I finished my transaction, he told me to have a nice day. I replied, “I just did.” He smiled and laughed. There was nobody in line behind me, so I stayed there for a couple of minutes talking with him. We both agreed that if more people took the time and interacted as humans, the world could become better. We shook hands and I left, feeling much better and different than when I arrived. Maybe this will matter to some, maybe it won’t, I am hesitant to mention it, but I believe it is important. The man was African American and I am white. I was brought up to recognize people as humans – not the shells that house them. He is apparently of the same mindset.

    I know this was long, but I wanted to share this.

    The bottom line is that we are ALL in this life together. We can choose to judge people, or we can coexist with ALL people. Who knows – we might learn a few things…

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