FIVE annoying things

1) People not holding the door open for you when you are behind them, you are invisible apparently. It slams on you. Nice.

2) Those who decide to talk on their cell phone not only in quiet area but to put it ON SPEAKER no less. Do you people think we have any interest in what you need from the grocery store? Or what Your personal movie preferences are? And for those who speak in another language, do you think no one is educated enough to understand? STOP it. Go outside. Get a headset. Stop Talking.

3) I HATE being called ” HON” by someone in the world of customer service. “How can I help you today hon?” First I’m old enough to be your mother, second it’s condescending and rude. STOP it. It makes me immediately hate you. There have been times I have not purchased something I wanted because the sales woman was calling me ” Hon”.

4) When I’m driving my car and a person wants to cross the street
(not in a crosswalk) I wave them to go then person walks SLOW across the street. Now I’m a patient person mostly. I can tell the difference between a person who is cognizant that there are cars waiting, they walk fast, make eye contact, smile, kind of walk/skip/half run/jog across. Then there are those who is purposely walk slow because they have to walk and I don’t. Why else would they do this?

5) Please give me physical space when I am standing next to you Mr. or Ms. Stranger in a public place. In line at the grocery store, on a bus, in line at the gelato store or coffee shop. I don’t want to smell your breath or touch you in anyway. Your making me claustrophobic. Give me SPACE! And please don’t talk to me either. By this point I’m too annoyed with you,

Happy weekend.


5 thoughts on “FIVE annoying things”

  1. My spouse and I stumbled over here frtom a different page and
    thought I should check things out. I like what I see sso i am just following you.
    Look forward to looking over your web page yet again.


  2. i ABSOLUTELY hate the ‘hon’-thing!! 😀 omw!! i agree, makes me feel like a little worm. and yes, i always try to walk as quickly as i can across the road. loved this post. so glad someone feels the same and it is not just me. 🙂


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