Sex and Women

Simple Rules:
Don’t expect to have sex with your woman if your fighting, and/or she doesn’t feel emotionally close to you or your not tending to her emotions by listening.
You may get a few romps in, but most women, not all, simply don’t want to have sex if they are angry,
pre occupied, upset or feel distance from you.
Solution: INTIMACY ❤️
Lay with her, talk, ( and please also about things she is interested in and it only has to be for a few minutes) hold hands, rub her back,stroke her hair.
BUT DO NOT attempt to have sex with her at this juncture!
I have heard and from woman of all ages  “When he holds me or when I try to be affectionate to get emotionally close he expects to have sex, so I just kind of push him away and tell him  ” Umm we are not having sex” .

You want sex?
Learn to talk, practice holding hands, looking at her with loving eyes, ask how she is, play together, this builds intimacy which creates awesome sex.
If a woman feels important to you and loved and listened to, she will want to please you and want to be pleased.
Good sex starts with our biggest organ our brain.

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